Ideal Client? AD White has 3

The purpose of this exercise for ENT 645- EntreprenurialMarketing is to understand your customer base. For AD White, it’s a matter of understanding three customer bases: e-book readers, paperback readers, and “buy local” enthusiasts. Watch the screencast for more detail.

Happy Independence Day!

Author: strengthsfocusedintrapreneur

Experienced Human Resources, Engagement, and Leadership professional with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care, and retail industries. Skilled in HR consulting, project management, HR IT systems administration, team leadership, conflict resolution, HR policies, training/facilitating, talent development & placement, and relationship building. I practice very progressive HR methods and utilize strengths based talent strategies. I am committed to the professional development of others and value life long learning.

4 thoughts on “Ideal Client? AD White has 3”

  1. Very nice job. I think you have segmented it well. The buy local group income seems a bit high. I would think the average income in Asheville is much lower. I bet there are a lot of younger broker customers in Asheville that are huge art supporters. If the books are priced well I think you could get a much larger base simply based on the fact that his home base is Asheville. It is a cool town filled with cool people who love to support local! He is in a great position. The fact that his books are reasonably priced will help him expand this one market.

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  2. Nancy,

    I’m amazed by what a good job you did. I would never have thought to use this topic in the way that you did. My favorite part is the Ebook price chart, very interesting!

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  3. Hi Nancy!

    I appreciate your examples of ideal clients for your husband’s business. I like how you separated the three ideal clients based on demographic and geographic differences while deciding the best ways to market to them based on their psychological and behavior differences. In your opinion, do all three ideal clients offer the same amount of buying power?



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